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ICan Charter Academy, Inc. (ICAN)

Client: ICan Academy, Inc. (ICan) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization designed to empower children, youth and adults to be successful in life.

ICan’s program is designed to meet the needs of the whole family by:

- Providing a multi-age educational service model for children and youth;

- Building strong foundational skills in reading, writing and mathematics to support a student’s smooth transition to a formal school-age program;

- Creating a school culture whereby students have fun and learn to enjoy education;

- Providing caregivers with workshops and training on such matters as understanding assessments and progress monitoring tools, as well as, State and district mandated requirements;

- Meeting the caregiver’s personal and professional developmental needs through workshops and training. | @ICanCharterAcademy | #ICan

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