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Transforming the Future Generation Academy (TFGA)

Client: The Mission of Transforming the Future Generation Academy (TFGA) is to change our future generation’s societal, personal and business direction by renewing their minds. TFGA will stand on our core values Faith, Unity, Teach, Uplift, Respect, and Exceptional. Each generation must maximize their collective talents to improve the human condition. We believe our previous and current generations have talents not brought to full fruition. Communication between the parents and their children doesn’t typically provide all of the necessary “life lessons” needed to be responsible as well as successful individuals in today’s society. While sincere parental efforts are made, balancing work life, love life and child rearing is demanding, putting limits on individual growth time. In short, LIFE GETS IN THE WAY.

TFGA provides an opportunity to augment each child’s daily education in a very positive way. More importantly, TFGA is an academy that children and their parents can rely on day by day, month by month and year by year, to be available, supportive, and to guide their children along the road to transforming into successful leaders. Our goal is to prepare our future generations and communities to be their very best in every aspect of their lives – one individual at a time. Furthermore our corporate goal is to decrease the number of children being arrested, incarcerated or losing their lives before becoming legal adults. Our workshops and training will encourage the full co-operation and participation of all family members.

TFGA’s ownership and management believes there is a “win-win” scenario for all. Each day is an opportunity for progress and growth from every experience. TFGA will build character, self-motivation, self-confidence and critical skills. Renew minds. Save lives.

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